Monday, 5 November 2012

My Candy Love Episode 9 Castiel Walkthrough

I had trouble finding one for episode 9, so I decided to make one! I've written all of the script, but I've highlighted in yellow dialogue that requires you to make a decision :)

My Candy Love Episode 9 Castiel Walkthrough

This one was a killer, I got Lysander first (he seemed to hate everything I said -_-) and then Nathaniel (and his annoying sister!). Finally I got Castiel! 3rd times the charm! Note: You will need a LOT of AP’s to complete this one!

Money needed: $85
Auntie’s gift: $20

Buy the Swimsuit with purple charms ($50), and put it on.  Walk around the beach until you run into  a dog.

You: A.  Hey, whose dog is this… ?)
Like we don’t already know! :D
You: A.  (He's.....he's scary!)
Demon: WOOF!
You: A.  (He ran away...Shoot, he scared me. For a minute I thought he was going to jump on me...)
???: AH! You idiot, you couldn't have caught him!?
You: A. That voice...
Castiel: Oh man! You couldn't have held on to him? I've been running have him forever! Demon! Come here!
You: A. It's your dog?
Castiel: No, it's my neighbors...of course it's mine! You don't remember? It's Demon, my Belgian Shepherd...You really have a bad memory...
You: A.  (Oh yeah! Now that he's said something I remember...)
Castiel: What a pest...I wanted to take off his collar to let him enjoy the beach and it looks like he's enjoying watching me run after him more...
You:  You understand what I felt like when I had to catch the principal's dog then!
Castiel: Yeah, except you can't catch a rocket with a bowl of dog food. In any case, he doesn't eat just anything, and I've got nothing on me.
You: A. (next)
Castiel: And this guy, when he decides to disobey, it's not easy to get him back. The solution is to catch him when he is close to you, but you weren't even capable...
(Note all options here give you negative affinity, but the worst option is saying he should have trained his dog better, the others are relatively equal)
You: A.  Don’t take your frustration out on me!
Castiel: You're useless, I'm not wasting my time on you!
You: A. (Pfff...He is so annoying!)
You: A. He left without saying anything else...I think he is really irritated.
You: A. I'm going to go see if he has calmed down at all. After all, it is Castiel, he's easily irritated. Plus, I'm lucky to have someone from my school at the beach, I should take advantage of that!

Walk around a few more times seeing Demon until you find Iris.

Iris:  Hey, hi (your name)! I wasn't expecting to see you here?
You: A. Hey Iris! (She is here too? B-But does this mean she came with Castiel?)
Candy jealous rage!!!
Iris: Are you coming to swim? I have lots of beach toys, it'll be fun!
You: A. N-No thanks, that's nice, but I'm looking for Castiel... (But maybe you already knew he was here...)
Iris:  Yeah I know! But he is with his dog so I didn't ask him to come in the water with me!
You: A. Oh... ok. (They came together then? I don't want to ask...)
Iris: Let me know when you want to play! It's so nice and hot outside, it would be a shame to not enjoy it!
You: A. Yes...(Maybe I'm letting my imagination get away from me...but it is strange.)

Walk around until you find Castiel.

You: A. (He looks a bit calmer)
Castiel: Why are you looking at me like that?
Gee! Moody or what!?
You: A. (Or not…) You aren’t looking for Demon?
Castiel: He'll come back on his own. The call of food is louder than my voice.
You: A. Why are you waiting to give him his biscuits then? (Like for the principal's dog)
Castiel: I didn't bring any with me. I wasn't planning on staying here this long.
You: A. Shoot...
Castiel: You wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him while i go get him something? There should be a store not too far away. Since you weren't able to hold on to him before, you at least owe me this favor.
You: A.  It's easy to put the blame on someone else...
Castiel: Are you going to keep an eye on him or not?
You: A. Yeah...But only because I have nothing better to do!
Castiel: And, actually...
You: A. Hm?
Castiel: I wouldn't have thought, but bathing suits suit you nicely.
You: A. (Don't blush, whatever you do DON'T blush) Tha...
Castiel: But in the end, you are still as flat as a cutting board.
You: A.  ...nks...(It was too good to be true...)
You: A. (Let's go get the dog then...I mean, the monster)

Walk around until you see Iris.

You: A. You aren't going to go swimming?
Iris: I just took a dip, I'm going to get some sun
You: A. Ah, ok. You haven't seen a big dog have you?
Iris: A big dog? It didn't pass by here, I haven't seen anything!
You: A. Ok, thanks anyway!

Walk around until you find Demon

You: A. (There he is!)Come here boy! Come here! Without jumping on me please...
You: A. (Oh and shoot! It's just a dog! He won't eat me!)
You: A. (O-Or not...) Good boy, nice...
You: A. (Castiel, come back soon!)

Find Demon again.

You: A. (Here he is) Come on Demon... Come here please...
Demon: WOOF!
You: A. Huh? (He came to me and stayed still)
You: A. He's a good little doggy! (He isn't that scary after all!)
Demon: GRRRRR!
You: A. D-Demon! I mean, Demon! Not doggy!
Demon: WOOF!
You: A.  (It's not true, the dog is as sensitive as its owner...)
You: A. Come on, let's go find your owner.

Find Castiel

Castiel: Did you catch him?
You: A. Yes...I mean, he came all by himself.
Castiel: Not bad! You aren't that useless after all. But I bought all of this for nothing.
You: A. (You are never happy…)
Castiel: It's odd that he is staying close to you. Usually he doesn't like strangers.
You: A. Well, he growled quite a bit in the beginning... I think that he just doesn't like nicknames.
Castiel: Nicknames? What you called him doggypie? It's not a grandma's poodle!
You: (It wasn't doggypie, but almost...)
Castiel: Alright, well, thanks. It was nice of you to help. See you at school after the vacation.
You: A. You are leaving already?
Castiel: I told you I wasn't planning on staying very long.
You: A. Come one please! Stay a bit! I helped you find your dog, you could stay with me a while!
Castiel: You need me, is that it?
You: A. No! But for once when we can see each other outside of school...
Castiel: Come on...Admit that it's just to look at me in my bathing suit longer.
You: A. !!!(...what do I say to that?)
Castiel: Well? No comeback? I was right then?
You C. Are you kidding? That has nothing to do with it!
Castiel: Stop looking at me like that, and I'll believe you.
You: A. (T-Touchée...)So, you are staying?
Castiel:  Yeah. I think I'm going to have fun.
You: A. (Maybe this wasn't a good idea...)

Walk around until you find Castiel.

Castiel: Do you want to do something, cause I'm a little bored.
You: A.   We could go swimming?
Castiel: You dream of seeing me soaked from head to toe, don't you?!
You: Idiot! We are at the beach, it is normal for me to suggest swimming!) (sorry the quote is probably inaccurate I accidentily skipped it but A is the answer)
Castiel: Right...Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't like to go swimming.
You: A. I only suggested it because we are at the beach!
Castiel: Find something else, otherwise there is no reason for me to stay.
You: A. Yeah...I'm thinking...
Demon: WOOF!
You: A. (I may be able to find something to occupy the dog...)

Walk around and search for a stick.

Castiel : We are having so much fun...
You: A. (If you'd accepted to go swimming...)

Vendor: Did you find your boyfriend Miss?
You: A.  Oh! N-No! He's not my boyfriend!
Castiel: I knew I'd have fun if I stayed.
You: C.  One more word and I’ll push you in the water!
Castiel: Ha ha! Because with your 100 pounds soaking wet, you think you are going to be able to do something to me? You have high hopes!
You: A. Don't underestimate my strength!
Castiel: That's it...seriously, I want to see.
You A. (close the discussion)

After you find the stick, walk around until you find Demon.

Demon: WOOF!
You: A. Hmm? What is it Demon?
Castiel: He's been eyeing that piece of wood since earlier.
You:  A. Oh! He wants to play with it?
Demon: WOOF!
You:  A. Ah ha... That must mean yes...
Castiel: Throw it in the water.
You. B. Ok! (I'll have to throw it as far away as possible!)
You: A. (I threw the stick as far as I could into the water)
You A. (Demon ran into the water and came back to us. He started shaking right next to us to dry off and got us all wet.)
Castiel: Ah ha! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to buy you toys...
You A. (He picked up the stick and threw it, even further than the first time. He continued to do this until Demon had had enough and lied down at his feet, all wet, covered in sand.)
You: A. (It was fun to see Castiel act like a big kid with his dog.)
Castiel: My arm was starting to get soar.
You: A. Do you want to do something else now? I know you don't like swimming, but it won't cost you anything to go into the water with me...
Castiel: I'm already wet enough because of Demon.
You: A. Too bad…
Castiel: You could go with Iris, she is here too, I'm going to stay with my dog a bit.
You: A. (...Should I ask him if he came with here? After all, he has spent a lot of time with me, and not Iris...)
Castiel: What is it?
You: A. No, nothing. I'm going to see Iris. Don't hesitate if you want to join us!
Castiel: Yeah, don't count on it.
You: A. (Playing with his dog seems to have put him in a good mood...It's for the better!)

Find Iris.

Iris: Oh, (your name)!
You: A. Hi! I'm done hanging with Castiel, do you still want to go swimming?
Iris: I would really like to, but I lost my flip-flop, and I'd like to find it first...
You: A. You lost it? Where?
Iris: I was in the water...
You: A.  Maybe it floated away then... I don't think you will find it...
Iris: Oh no...
You:  A. B-But it could also be on the beach! Maybe the waves carried it on to the sand!
Iris: You think? I'm going to look for it! Will you wait for me here?
You: A. Well I could look for it with you! (even if I think it’s a lost cause)

Walk around until you find the flip-flop (It isn’t necessarily in the water)

Walk around until you find Iris again.

Iris: I can't find it…
You:  A. I found it! You are really lucky!
Iris: Really? Oh, thank you (your name)!
You: A. (I gave her back the flip-flop)
Iris:  So, are we going to go swimming now? Come on, the water is great!
You: A. I’m coming!
Iris: Oh, be careful, your shoulders are a little red. Did you use sunscreen? It would be a shame to get burned...
You:  A. Oh! Shoot, I forgot! Wait for me, I'm going to go see if the vendor has any. (I don't want to get sunburned!)
Iris: Alright, I'll wait for you then!
You: A. (close discussion)

Walk around until you find the vendor, and purchase the sunscreen for $30

Walk around until you say-
You: A. (My shoulders are a little red, I should have put on sunscreen earlier...)
Dun dun dun! Dake appears!
Dake: Hey, Hi! Are you alone?
You: A. Huh? Oh, hello...right now I am, but I'm about to go join a friend...
Dake: Forget about your friend! Come with me!
Obviously we want a date with Castiel here, so just keep insulting him to get rid of him. You don’t want to lead him on!
You: A. Uh...No it's ok, but thanks anyway...
Dake: Come on, don't be shy! I don't bite...At least not right away.
You: A. Hey! (He took me by the arm and forced me to follow him)
You: A. (I'm going to have to find a way to leave this guy...I don't want to stay with him.)

Walk around until you find Dake again.

Dake: So, tell me what high school you go to so I can register right away!
You: A. I go to Sweet Amoris.
Dake: I didn't know there were girls as cute as you there... It's a shame, it's too far from my house.
You:  B. Was that supposed to be a compliment?
Dake: ...Next time I'll be less subtil. (spelling error!)
You: A. I was being ironic.
Dake: I figured. And what's your name?
You: A. (your name) (But I don't really care what your name is...)
Can this guy not take a hint!!
Dake: It's as cute as you! I'm Dakota, but everyone calls me Dake.
You: A. Nice to meet you... (someone, help!)

Walk around until you find Dake again.

Dake: Do you come here often?
You:  No it’s my first time. I lived in another city before.
Dake: Oh yeah? I'm not from here either, I'm from Australia. I'm here to visit my family. I was happy to come when I found out there was a beach nearby, but there aren't any waves, I brought my board for nothing.
You: B. Yeah, that's true, will you go back then?
Dake: I'm not going to go back while I have such beautiful company...
You: A. (Close Discussion)

Walk around until you say-
You: (I still haven't put on my sunscreen... I need to wake up!)
Dake: What do you have in your hand? Do you want me to put some sunscreen on your back?
You: A. No! I’ll do it myself!
Dake: Come on, don't be shy!
You: Don’t touch me!
Castiel: Hey! I think she asked you to leave her alone. So leave her alone!
Castiel to the rescue!!
You: A. (C-Castiel?)
Dake: Mind your own business, nobody asked you!
You:  He’s a friend of mine!
Castiel: By "friend", she means the type of guy that could make you regret you were born if you touch me again. Got it?
You:  A. (Next)
Dake: Hey, chill out, it's all good! She could have said something if she didn't want me to stay with her...
You: A. (That’s all I’ve been saying!)
Dake: Pfff... I thought you were here with a girlfriend, you should have said it was a boy, I wouldn't have wasted my time...
You: A. (He left without saying another word. It’s a good thing Castiel was there!) Thanks Cast…
Castiel: What was that? You let just any guy rub your back? If I hadn't come, what would you have done?
You: A. (He…He is even angrier now…) I would have managed…Worst case scenario I know where to hit where it hurts..
Castiel: Next time, start directly with that before trying to make an idiot like that understand you don't want him. Gosh, I always have to keep an eye on you, you are unbelievable.
(B and C have the same neutral reaction, so you can pick whichever you like. Except for some reason Castiel is momentarily fully dressed after I pressed C!)
You:  B. Castiel… Don’t tell me you were jealous?
Castiel: Shut up, that has nothing to do with it! I got angry because you weren't capable of telling that guy to leave you alone, that's all!
You: A. (If that’s not jealousy, I don’t know what is!)
Castiel: Come one, give me that.
You: A. What!? (He took the sunscreen from me and forced me to sit down in the sand.)
Castiel: What? Are you going to give me your famous kick? Is that it?
You: A. N-No… (He started to put the sunscreen on my back)

(You unlock an illustration here)

Castiel: Pfft, you’ve already got a little sunburn.
You:  A. Uh, I… (I didn’t say anything else, I think the redness is because I’m so embarrassed…)
Castiel: There you go! You're a big girl, you can do the rest.
You:  A. (He handed me the bottle of sunscreen) Thanks… B-But I could have done it myself, I didn’t ask you to do anything.
Castiel: Well, at least now you won't have to deal with weird surfers trying to touch you.
You: A.  Haha, yeah… T-Thanks…
You: A. (He left, Demon had been playing in the water the whole time.)
You: A. (I hope that Iris won’t be mad after making her wait this long).

Walk around (Dake may pop up and talk to you)

Dake: You really prefer that redheaded guy?
You:  B. Yes, by far!
Dake: You don't know what you're missing...
So sure of yourself eh?
You: A. (At the same time, I don't really want to know...)

Walk around until you say-
You: A. (It's really hot today... I can't wait to go swimming.)
You: A. (Poor Demon, he must be suffering from the heat too. I'm going to ask the vendor if he has any water. That way Demon can have a drink)
You: A. I mean Castiel can give it to him for me, after I will find Iris.

Buy a bottle of water from the vendor and give it to Castiel.

Walk around until you find the vendor and buy a bottle of water for $5. You can also get the moustache accessory if you say to the vender when he asks you if you need anything else, the  ‘it depends ‘ option.

Walk around the beach until you find Castiel

You: Perfect! I bought a little something for Demon!
Castiel: Oh yeah? What did you get him?
You: A. Nothing special… Just a bottle of water, I thought that with this heat he must be thirsty.
Castiel: That's nice, thanks. I was going to buy one, but you beat me to it.
You: A. Ah, well, good!
Demon: WOOF!
You: A. (Ah ah, Demon looks happy!)
Iris: Oh! You're here! (your name) I've been waiting for you for a while, you don't want to go swimming anymore?
You: A. Yes! I’m sorry Iris it’s because a lot of things came up!
Iris: It's alright! Do you want to go now? Castiel, do you want to come with us? The water is great!
You: A. (Don’t get your hopes up…Monsieur doesn’t like to go swimming)
Castiel: Yeah, why not. After all we are at the beach, it would be a shame not to go swimming.
(Gah! Is he intentionally trying to make me jealous!! Because it's working!)
You: A. (Wh-What? What did he agree to go with her?)
You: A. (All three of us went in the water and Castiel tried to dunk Iris several times)
You: A. (My head was totally in the clouds… It seems that Castiel is quite close to Iris, I never noticed that before)
You: A. (Iris’s parents called and so she left. I stayed with Castiel and Demon a while without talking.)
Castiel: What is that face? Is something wrong?
You: A. No, no, it’s nothing… (I can’t talk about it… at least not to him)
Castiel: You were nice today, so, I'm going to offer you something.
You: A. Huh? Are you sure? Coming from you it's surprising...
Castiel: Don't worry, I won't make it a habit. Come here.
You: A. I'm coming...

Walk around and find Castiel.

You: A. We walked away from the beach, we passed in front of a few shops.
Castiel: They make really great Italian ice cream here. You like ice cream right?
You: A. Yes
Castiel: I'll buy you one, choose what you want.
You: B. Thanks! That's nice of you!
You: A. (He got a scoop of mint chocolate-chip and I got strawberry soft serve. I turned around right after the vendor handed me my ice cream.)
You: A. Y-You already finished?
Castiel: Of course, it melts so fast in the sun.
You: A. (Well then...That was fast!) Well, good, I hope you don't mind if I eat mine a bit slower...
Castiel: I'm sure that even for ice cream you have bad taste..
You: A.  (See the end illustration)